Courage is key to being a successful entrepreneur – come listen to the Courage Champion!

Simon_EkinSince graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as British Army Officer 25 years ago and cycling the length of Africa, Simon has been championing the cause of courage.

Over Simon’s speaking career he has successfully presented over one thousand talks to audiences around the world. He speaks about courage; about why we should see fear and failure as a gift, why we should have faith and belief in ourselves and why action is the only thing that makes any difference.

His key message is this: get used to fear. It will always be with us and if we look at it differently and act accordingly, we can transform our lives, results and relationships.

There is not one area of life that is untouched by fear in some form or another; from making tough leadership decisions to picking up the phone to make a sales call. Yet these moments of fear, when acted on, represent our biggest opportunity, because they are right there, in front of us now.

For the last 14 years he has consistently practiced what few people would consider doing once: speaking to and inspiring groups of complete strangers to confront their fears, be courageous and find their voices.

He has spoken to audiences such as Nike, Investec, Rand Merchant Bank and Toyota. We all feel fear in one form or another. But most of us hide, deny, resist or run away from it. Yet in doing so, we run away from our great opportunities. What he does is re-frame fear into opportunities drawing on the tools he has acquired in facing his fear day after day for many years.

Quite simply there is just way, way too much fear in society when there does not need to be. Acting on those fears transforms the very nature of what is possible.

Join us on 18 November and beat the fear that is holding you back with Courage Champion Simon Ekin.

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