Join leading international innovation expert Raluca Pauna at the Entrepreneur Conference as she discusses Accelerating Entrepreneurship Through Innovation

Raluca is a senior technical and entrepreneurial executive with more than 23 years of experience in managing technical departments, managing research and innovation projects at design and implementation levels. She is a results-oriented achiever involved in identifying technological innovation that will accelerate economic growth.

Her strengths include assessing and auditing technical innovation projects in ICT, alternative and saving energy, bioscience, social and community based innovation and skill set includes Java development, web and database design, cloud service and computer architecture, PC boards design, mobile platforms and cloud services, big data analysis.

Raluca started her career in Romania where she worked as a System Engineer at Government Ministerial Departments. She then moved on to the role of Chief of Computer Department at the Research Institute of Fine Mechanics and Instruments in Bucharest.

Raluca then launched into her international career as a member of the EU Leadership Thinking Tank in Brussels and then onto TECHNONET AFRICA, a network for supporting Africa entrepreneurs working as a link coordinator for entrepreneurs , at UNDP. Raluca is also an IBM International mentor for IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program from 2013.

She is also a trustee of SA Institute of Inventors and Innovators from 2011. She adds her contribution for enhancing and nurturing the culture of innovation in SA by giving guidance to SA emerging innovators.

She is currently based in South Africa as an external technical innovation consultant working part time for Support Program for Industrial Innovation (SPII) at IDC from 2000 and this year she was engaged by Resilient Africa Network – South African Innovation Laboratory – to coordinate their innovation department at UP. Under this position she developed and facilitated courses in Design Thinking and Theory of Change after she got trained by ChangeLabs/Stanford University/USA.

She was recently invited to be a judge in the panel of judges for Innovation Summit Garage at Cape Town Competition 2014.

Come and hear first-hand about where we are as South Africa in the innovation arena and how innovation can accelerate your existing business or business idea.

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