How to succeed in a fast-changing world with a 1-page business plan

Christoff Oosthuysen

Christoff helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and independent professionals to find personal flow in their work while achieving great business or organisational results.

He’s been supporting business people since the mid 90s, when he successfully launched the largest publication for small business owners in South Africa (which was later sold into a multi-national subsidiary). And during this time he learnt some important lessons from experiencing business failures too!

Over the last decade he shifted his attention away from managing firms himself to inspiring others to improved business success ~ which he achieves through publishing for entrepreneurs, consulting with business/institutional clients, coaching of individual customers and presenting educational seminars and workshops.

Christoff says his job is to increase “flow” in business. To this end he created the Flow Canvas purpose-based planning tool and the My Balanced Business online enterprise diagnostic. He also inaugurated the Enterprise Development Awards and co-designed the Flow Pod platform and the Flow Marketing system.

He serves on the Mentorship Panels of economic development institutions such as the Industrial Development Corporation and financiers such as Business Partners and the National Empowerment Fund; he is contracted as publisher of media products for clients such as the Department of Trade and Industry and Open Africa; and he supports the rise in social entrepreneurship through his support to various “social benefit organisations”.

Christoff is a member of the IBA (Institute of Business Advisers), with the highest level of Certified Business Adviser accreditation and the Turn-Around Management Association (TMA). And he’s also a member of international business and social enterprise networks. Christoff is also the publisher of Small Business Connect which is published on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Join us on 18 November at the Entrepreneur Conference where Christoff will be speaking on the topic of “How to succeed in a fast-changing world with a 1-page business plan”.

For further information please contact Faith Feni on / 021 683 2425

Follow Christoff on Twitter @christoff008 and the Expo on @EntrepreneurXpo

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