Want to know the ins and outs of exporting? Well, here is your opportunity

WESGROWant to know the ins and outs of exporting? Well, here is your opportunity… Join, us for an informative Wesgro workshop on the 19th November at the fifth annual Entrepreneur Expo which will once again showcase why Cape Town is the entrepreneurial capital of South Africa.

Wesgro have availed, Ms. Melinda Du Preez, Independent Facilitator, who will guide you through the “The ABC of Exporting – with her presentation entitled; Export Snapshot”

Melinda’s informative style promises to give you a clear understanding of exports, covering topics like; facts every exporter should know, why you should export and guidelines to what a successful export process flow looks like.

The workshop will take place at the River Club, Cape Town and entry is free. To secure your seat, go to: http://bit.ly/1qqXE8u and supply your details.

Please note that guests to the Wesgro workshop should add their company name as follows; your company name followed by (Wesgro EDP 3) e.g. Festive Wines (Wesgro EDP3).

We look forward to hosting you…

Back Ground to Wesgro’s EDP programmes:



The aim of the EDP is to develop and enable emerging Western Cape exporters gain access into international markets. It assists emerging exporters to overcome barriers and constraints in accessing the global market. It identifies exporter needs and addresses these needs through the development program. This will contribute to the growth of the Western Cape economy.

The Export Development Program (EDP1 and EDP2) is a vocational training tool focusing on exports.  It is designed to build export competence within local small and medium sized companies. EDP1 and EDP2 provide the expertise, knowledge and networks needed to help businesses grow their exports. It offers a blend of company practice and export coaching through standardised training modules.

EDP3 focuses on assisting exporters to expand in their current markets as well as access new markets.

EDP3 PUM offers business critical export mentorship interventions based on the individual company’s needs. It is done in partnership with PUM (a Dutch based organisation).

EDP3 SSAS facilitates in-foreign market training and buyer introductions. It is focused on emerging exporters and their travel costs are covered by the Department of Trade & Industry (dti). Dti requires that Wesgro project manage this program and therefore project manage the application and the visit to the foreign market.

1)         Export Development Program (EDP1)

This is a one-day Export Readiness and Awareness seminar. It focuses on export risk management, export strategy planning, financial risk management, logistics and administration of the export process. It’s aimed at new and potential exporters and provides insight into the demands, commitment and influential factors that are associated with exports.

2)         Export Development Program (EDP2) 

The EDP2 builds the competitive capacity of businesses to enable them to export or expand their current exports.  The program combines theory with practical assignments based on the day-to-day operations of small businesses.  The program consists of 5 modules:

  • Module 1: Orientation to Export
  • Module 2: Preparing to Export
  • Module 3: Incoterms
  • Module 4: Methods of payment
  • Module 5: Developing an Export Marketing Plan

It aims to increase the competitiveness of the companies in the international market upon completion of this level.

3)         Export Development Program (EDP3):

This level is geared at established exporters who are already actively engaged in particular markets and are looking to expand into new markets. This forum provides these established exporters with on-the-ground and current information including opportunities and threats and barriers to entry in a particular market. The identified markets are markets with particular potential for Western Cape’s export strengths.

4)         Export Development Program (EDP3): PUM

PUM, a Dutch based program, runs a mentorship program in developing countries for SME’s addressing specific business needs.  The mentorship program runs over a period of two weeks at a time.  As part of the Export Development Program we are engaging the PUM mentorship program to assist EDP3 exporters.  The mentor will work with the exporter in developing certain business areas that needs improvement as identified by the SME.  PUM provide an independent service with no commercial links.  The skills transferred by the mentors are tailored to the exporter’s requirements which are enhanced by the PUM mentors extensive global experience.

6)         Export Development Program (EDP3): SSAS Outward Mission

The aim is to develop the emerging exporters to engage international markets.  This is accomplished through taking these emerging exporters into foreign markets, before engaging international trade.  The program helps them to overcome barriers and constraints in accessing the global market and business opportunities.

The objective of this program is to afford emerging exporters the opportunity to scan the market (as identified by Wesgro) and to identify related threats and opportunities for their business, related pricing issues and identify their competition within this market.

The outcome of the mission would be for the emerging exporters to understand the foreign market and to identify the opportunities.  They also meet buyers and learn how to pitch their product for that specific foreign market.

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